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The key to energy transition is energy replacement—quitting coal.

That Trump may have tried and failed to poach a German company is a perfect narrative for a country deep in crisis.

France is overtaking Germany when it comes to relations with Russia. But only if both countries work together can Europe hope to deal successfully …

On her trip to China, Chancellor Angela Merkel did little to distance Berlin from Beijing.

Red Herring & Black Swan: Is the German Question Back?

As the transatlantic relationship frays, thereʼs renewed talk of a return to German dominance in Europe. In fact, US withdrawal could have the opposite effect, as Franceʼs military might become more important.

Integrating refugees is painfully slow business―even slower than for other groups of migrants. Among Western countries, Germany is actually doing reasonably well. It was …

In Germany, the election campaign for the European Parliament has been particularly uninspiring.

The United States’ military isn’t the only one with drones.

According to insiders, Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of NATO at a testy Brussels summit. The alliance is on shakier ground than ever before.

Angela Merkel is deeply worried that Germany and the EU will fall far behind the US and China behind in developing AI. So far, …

Europe has the capacity to become a global AI leader, and its data protection may even prove to be an advantage. But more support …

Idlib threatens to be the next big flare-up in Syria’s civil war. Germany can play a decisive role in preventing a tragedy.

Is Germany over-represented in European institutions?

Germany needs to reduce its dependency on exports and push for robust European trade and industrial policies.

There is a growing debate in Germany over the possibility of deporting rejected asylum seekers back to war-torn Syria.

The man from Hamburg is trim, self-confident, and highly ambitious—and he’s staying tight-lipped about his plans for the German finance ministry. His record as …