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European Encounters (#EuropeCounts), supported by Stiftung Mercator, aims at contributing toward building a European public. Europeans from different ends and spheres of the continent exchange views on topics relevant to the whole EU. It’s time to make discussions truly European.


The youth unemployment crisis may have coincided with the euro crisis, but it has deeper roots and is longer-lasting.

In some member countries, governments are busy undermining the EU’s values. Is the law a strong enough tool to ensure Europeans’ fundamental rights?

A European Encounter (#EuropeCounts) on the impact of youth unemployment on Europe’s social cohesion: Tuesday, January 30, 2 pm, EPC Conference Center, Brussels.

Is the transatlantic relationship destined for the dustbin of history?

A discussion of a loaded issue, at least in France and Eastern Europe – the future of the EU’s posted workers directive.

Is it the right time for the EU to move ahead when it’s already struggling to reach its citizens?

Addressing the refugee crisis and the rising numbers of African migrants arriving in Italy, the EU needs new thinking.

Passion always seems to be on the side of anti-European Union forces – but that can be changed.

In our first transnational debate on European affairs, lawmakers from Italy and the Netherlands talk about what “European solidarity” means.