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“A Lost Generation?”


A European Encounter (#EuropeCounts) on the impact of youth unemployment on Europe’s social cohesion.

Youth unemployment in Europe has been one of the major political, economic, and social challenges of the last decade. Even though statistics indicate progress on youth unemployment, young people still have problems in accessing the labor market.

This is not only a major challenge for the long-term competitiveness of the European economy. Also, the younger generation’s lack of prospects is also likely to fuel social malaise and trigger generational conflicts.

Join us for our European Encounter on youth unemployment Brando Benifei (MEP), Claire Dhéret (Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Center), and Beata Nagy (Art Director, JobAct Europe, Projektfabrik) on Tuesday, January 30,  2-4 pm at the EPC Conference Center, 14-16 Rue du Trône, 1000 Brussels.

Register your interest to attend by e-mailing n.news [at] epc.eu

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!