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September/October 2019

The Long Shadow

europe by numbers

The Von Der Leyen Budget

the long shadow

jarosław kuisz and karolina wigura

Europe, Old and New

The myth of the West is waning in Central 
and Eastern Europe.

interview with karel schwarzenberg

“More Honesty Would Be a Wonderful Idea”

The former Czech foreign minister on 
Europe’s imperfect merger.

milan nič

The Next Chapter

The post-1989 period brought economic success 
to Central and Eastern Europe. A new generation now 
needs to update the model.

annabelle chapman

Who Gets to Claim History?

Their different views of 1989 divide Poland’s main parties.

siobhán dowling

Politics of Resentment

For Germany’s populist far-right AfD, eastern Germany 
is a main hunting ground.


christian schubert

Christine Lagarde

Soon at the helm of the European Central Bank, 
the former IMF chief is likely to continue Mario Draghi’s 
loose monetary policy.

carbon critical

noah gordon

Meat Tax Back on the Menu

Sausage-loving Germany debates a controversial idea.

the climate emergency

ralf fücks

A Green Industrial Revolution

Europe can lead the way decoupling growth and environmental polution, by example and in its own interest.

michael t. klare

No Climate Denial at the Pentagon

In contrast to the president, the US military is taking action.

postcard from the new silk road

jacob mardell

Another Belt and Road Port?

The deep-sea port project in Georgia’s Anaklia has lost its 
US backers, and China is ready to step in.

op-eds on german foreign policy

nils schmid

War and Peace

Gerhard Schroeder’s chancellorship continues to guide SPD 
foreign policy thinking, and that is a good thing.

omid nouripour

Green Foreign Policy DNA

All the party’s core concerns are global in nature.

words don’t come easy

marina watson peláez


An unlikely government coalition has 
turned Portugal around.


alex massie

The Johnson Maneuver

The UK’s new prime minister steers the country toward a 
hard Brexit. An early election looms.

jean-baptiste jeangène vilmer

Lessons from #MacronLeaks

The attempt to meddle with the 2017 French 
presidential election failed. But it is vital to draw the right 
conclusions, and prepare.


kaan sahin

The Devil’s in the Detail

The international debate about AI ethics has only just begun.

sights and sounds

kristen allen

Spotlight on Berlin

Berlin is en vogue as a film and television backdrop, 
but some clichés die hard.

red herring & black swan

hans kundnani

Is the German Question Back?

Some fear that American withdrawal from Europe would lead 
to German hegemony. But that’s unlikely.

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