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The French president’s brainchild shapes up as primarily a military-to-military “strategic workshop,” not intended to become a separate intervention force.

The tools we have relied upon to address the world’s challenges are losing potency—one of the lessons of this year’s MSC.

Observations from the 2018 Munich Security Conference.

Markus Ederer, the EU’s ambassador to Russia, on the challenges facing EU-Russian relations.

The showdown between Israel and Iran took center stage at the Munich Security Conference’s final day.

The second day of the MSC laid bare some of the challenges facing Europe and the global community, with Russia and Turkey taking the floor.

Day One of the Munich Security Conference started with a stark warning to the world – and some signs that Europe will get serious on defense.

There’s never been a better chance to beef up European defense.

The US and Europe seem to be pulling apart. But there is still space for meaningful transatlantic cooperation.

The 1967 Harmel Report is as relevant as ever for NATO’s strategic thinking.

NATO isn’t “obsolete;” its relevance is unchanged.

New dialogue on military affairs and armament can help rebuild security in East-West relations.

How the EU, Russia, and China can protect the Iran nuclear deal.

Assertive rhetoric about European security autonomy rings hollow.

Changing the dynamic between NATO and Russia will be essential to preserving European security.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to question the worth of the transatlantic alliance, but the critics miss what it achieves for the United States.