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is program director and fellow at the Aspen Institute in Berlin.
California Calling

The Golden State is a heavyweight when it comes to fighting climate change and setting tech policy. It is time European leaders found their …

Imagining US foreign policy beyond 2020 means learning from past mistakes. While new narratives are taking hold, politicians on the American left and right …

Much has been written about Donald Trump ripping up the rules of world trade. Don’t believe the hype.

The tools we have relied upon to address the world’s challenges are losing potency—one of the lessons of this year’s MSC.

Create a digital ministry, get behind the EU’s Digital Single Market project, and start thinking about the military use of AI.

Trump’s first hundred days in office have indicated what his priorities will be over the coming years. Transatlantic relations are unlikely to get smoother.

How Europe can prepare for American mercantilism.