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Planet Moscow

Comments and analysis of Moscow’s foreign policy and developments in the “post-Soviet space”

Russia’s new nuclear doctrine serves multiple purposes, including getting the United States back to the negotiating table.

The Kremlin was quick to send military medical aid to Italy, Serbia, and the United States. The aim: getting sanctions lifted.

Putin’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has produced a paradox: instead of using the pandemic to further strengthen his personalized power, Russia’s president has refused to take tough measures.

Russia has deliberately expanded its relationships with African countries in recent years.

Of course transparency on NATO’s Eastern flank is important. But until Russia stops its provocations, it will be hard to reduce tensions. 

Poland won’t exactly be getting the “Fort Trump” it wanted. But NATO’s robust force posture in the East, like Russia’s, still risks being misinterpreted. 

Russia’s president has played a weak hand quite cleverly on the global stage, says Russia expert Angela Stent.

The Russian government is taking new steps to monitor citizens online.

The Kremlin is using atomic energy cooperation to coax and coerce.

What the results of a recent poll tell about re-Stalinization in post-Soviet Russia.

The Russian government is using “reconciliation” to avoid real discussion of the past.

Russia’s big energy projects make no economic sense, but they serve a political purpose.

Building resilience is the best way to counter Russian attempts to undermine Western democracy.

Moscow has had an expensive makeover while the regime ossifies.

A Russian and a Ukrainian historian discuss diverging views of a shared past.

A KGB Christmas card has found its way to our offices.