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is Head of Program for Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) in Berlin.

With Nord Stream 2, Berlin is supporting a project that will hurt its credibility.

It’s long been clear who will win Russia’s presidential election. But the campaign is laying bare the flaws within the system Vladimir Putin has …

The West should be careful not to make Vladimir Putin’s Russia stronger than it is.

Building resilience is the best way to counter Russian attempts to undermine Western democracy.

President-elect Trump’s relationship with Putin is likely to run into obstacles.

Moscow’s warnings of a “new Cold War” are out of sync with today’s realities.

The hard line on Vladimir Putin is weakening, in Germany and elsewhere.

Russia’s actions in Syria make a bad situation worse.

Don’t fall for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear grandstanding: economically, he has his back to the wall. The deployment of US troops and heavy weapons in Eastern Europe would only play into his hands.

Setting a positive agenda, reaching out to Russia’s remaining civil society, and pursuing a mixture of containment and engagement can build a more effective relationship with Russia over a long time frame.

The main cause of the conflict between Russia and the West lies in the internal legitimization deficit of Putin’s own system. A closer cooperation with Moscow’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) would not only undermine the EU’s values – the Kremlin is simply not interested. A reply to Mark Leonard’s and Ivan Krastev’s “The New European Disorder.”