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March/April 2016

European attitudes on Brexit and refugees.

How to stop Europe’s cracks from widening.

Angela Merkel’s fight to keep the EU united.

If David Cameron manages to avoid a Brexit, the United Kingdom could play a constructive role in Europe again.

Europeans have to invest more in a joined-up common foreign policy.

Poland’s “prezes” is steering his country firmly to the right.

The EU’s biggest problem is the disappearance of an equal partner for Germany.

Merkel’s critics at home and abroad are still landing few punches.

Moscow’s warnings of a “new Cold War” are out of sync with today’s realities.

Greece’s “self-evident revolution” (Η επανάσταση του αυτονόητου) stumbles over its children’s basic understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong.

The United Nations is set up in a way that is outdated, a fact apparent in the composition of the Security Council. Can the system be reorganized?

Poland’s former foreign minister argues that Berlin needs to lead through EU institutions, not solo, and won’t spill the beans about Oxford’s Bullingdon Club.