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In 140 Characters: Radek Sikorski


Poland’s former foreign minister argues that Berlin needs to lead through EU institutions, not solo, and won’t spill the beans about Oxford’s Bullingdon Club.


@sikorskiradek The seems to be tumbling from one crisis to another. Poor leadership or unexpected events?

@berlinpolicy Leadership is structurally impossible in the ; nation states too small, EUʼs confederal arrangements too cumbersome.


@sikorskiradek You famously said in a 2011 that you feared “’s power less than her inactivity” – still true?

@berlinpolicy Yes, but Germany needs to lead through EU institutions, not solo. Encourage and HighRep, not replacing them.


@sikorskiradek What do you think of handling the ?

@berlinpolicy Mistake on procedure and substance.  Schengen decisions must be collective; perimeter secured before distribution of migrants.


@sikorskiradek ’s govt has refused to take in more . Do you support this position?

@berlinpolicy Poland previously declared it would take 7000 but mishandling of the issue by Germany helped elect a nationalist government.


@sikorskiradek Is increasingly anti-?

@berlinpolicy No, but and global phenomena, from and and, above all, . We are not immune.


@sikorskiradek The started an enquiry into rule of law. Justified move?

@berlinpolicy The EU will be justified in taking action if the nationalist government fails to implement recommendations of .


@sikorskiradek You lived in the a long while – will there be a ?

@berlinpolicy Hopefully not, but a chance event – a terrorist attack or a government scandal – may sway this unnecessary referendum.


@sikorskiradek During your time at @UniofOxford you were a member of the . Would you still join today?

@berlinpolicy Oxford was heaven. Bullingdon matters are omerta but looks like we will have a British PM regardless the result of Brexit 🙂


@sikorskiradek You have moved often in your life. Is there any item in your office that has always travelled with you?

@berlinpolicy I have a silver fountain pen which I have used in all my governmental job.


@sikorskiradek You have just started at  but we know you as a politician, a skilled diplomat. Do you miss politics?

@berlinpolicy So far, no. Because of decline of media and destruction of privacy, politics has become even nastier than before.


@sikorskiradek If you could spend one day with any person of your choosing, who would it be?

@berlinpolicy I heard a great talk by Eric Schmidt, head of ; I’d love to hear more of his ideas for the future of .


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