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September/October 2016

Our issue on the new ideological front line in domestic and international politics is out now.

Public opinion polls on the EU-Turkey relationship show the depth of the problem.

The post-1945 international system is under pressure, not least by forces in the West. With the right steps taken, however, it can endure

How to deal with those political forces insufficiently described as populist.

Right-wing populism in France, the Netherlands, and Northern Europe.

Come spring, who will become France’s next president? The non-conformist former minister of the economy has more than an outside chance.

German politicians undermine the European Union.

The West’s first task: reassuring Turkey of its place in the world.

The extent of political purges in Turkey after the failed coup confronts the EU with thorny questions.

Political journalism’s love affair with a newly minted word must end now.

Germany’s new security white paper is a big step for a country still largely averse to strategic thinking.

Some issues in Germany’s security white paper need clarification before the Franco-German couple works hand-in-glove on defense.

The PiS government is reconfiguring Polish foreign policy, but the looming Brexit poses new questions.

The German-Polish relationship needs a good dose of pragmatism.

Greece’s former finance minister defends his record and explains how to save Europe.