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A European Encounter (#EuropeCounts) on the impact of youth unemployment on Europe’s social cohesion: Tuesday, January 30, 2 pm, EPC Conference Center, Brussels.

Opinion polls show the center-right in the lead, with the populist Five Star Movement not far behind.

We have lost our editor-in-chief – an outstanding expert, journalist, writer, teacher, colleague, friend.

The German Council on Foreign Relations and the BERLIN POLICY JOURNAL team mourn the death of Dr Sylke Tempel.

Which foreign policy tasks are topping Germany’s to-do list?

Brexit and Trump voters wanted to go back in time. Are the Dutch and the French similarly inclined?

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What links Donald Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, and support for Marine Le Pen’s Front National?

The UN’s controversial new ambassador on men, Merkel, and miniskirts.

Public opinion polls on the EU-Turkey relationship show the depth of the problem.

Greece’s former finance minister defends his record and explains how to save Europe.

The Brexit age divide is a continent-wide phenomenon.

The battle for TTIP looks to be increasingly uphill, at least in Germany.

Thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece.

Talk of the Town: A round-up of what’s happening in Berlin (April 11).

The EU-Turkey deal on refugees is fundamentally flawed.