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is a Berlin-based IT specialist and freelance writer focusing on foreign policy. He is a former editor at Berlin Policy Journal.

Ten years after the onset of the eurocrisis, how does the eurozone look today? It has survived as an entity, and weathered most—if not …

Since right-wing populist parties began gaining power in Europe and the United States, common wisdom has held that their success is owed to the …

This past summer, refugee policy was once again at the top of Germany’s political agenda. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government nearly collapsed in June when …

US President Donald Trump does not, to put it lightly, have a warm relationship with Germany, nor with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, against whom …

Stop the presses! Germans want to pay more for a more efficient European Union.

There’s a lot of talk about AI’s potential—and a lot of worry about responsibility.

What we really talk about when we talk about Asia.

A European Encounter (#EuropeCounts) on the impact of youth unemployment on Europe’s social cohesion: Tuesday, January 30, 2 pm, EPC Conference Center, Brussels.

Opinion polls show the center-right in the lead, with the populist Five Star Movement not far behind.

We have lost our editor-in-chief – an outstanding expert, journalist, writer, teacher, colleague, friend.

The German Council on Foreign Relations and the BERLIN POLICY JOURNAL team mourn the death of Dr Sylke Tempel.

Which foreign policy tasks are topping Germany’s to-do list?

Brexit and Trump voters wanted to go back in time. Are the Dutch and the French similarly inclined?

How strong are populists on social media?

What links Donald Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, and support for Marine Le Pen’s Front National?

The UN’s controversial new ambassador on men, Merkel, and miniskirts.