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In 140 Characters: Wonder Woman


The UN’s controversial new ambassador on men, Merkel, and miniskirts.


@wonderwomanUN Congratulations on your appointment. Why do you think the UN choose you as honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls?

@berlinpolicy Not because I am a white woman of impossible proportions wearing a shimmery one-piece with a US flag. I hope.


@wonderwomanUN Why then?

@berlinpolicy I can only speculate – but in a post-fact world like ours, a lasso that forces the truth out of people comes in handy.


@wonderwomanUN Some people might say a real woman would have been more appropriate for the job. What would you say to them?

@berlinpolicy I guess they just thought there aren’t any women who are qualified – after all, they chose another man to be UN Secretary General.


@wonderwomanUN Do you think a woman would do a better job?

@berlinpolicy My creator, William Marston, was convinced women are morally superior. Looking at the American election, it’s tough to disagree.


@wonderwomanUN Who are the female leaders you personally admire?

@berlinpolicy Angela Merkel. I only had to deal with supervillains – she has to work with Vladimir Putin. I tip my tiara to her.


@wonderwomanUN Batman or Superman?

@berlinpolicy Catwoman.


@wonderwomanUN You’re gay?

@berlinpolicy I grew up with Amazons and I’m 5000 years old. Of course I’ve had relationships with women.


@wonderwomanUN Do you think of yourself as a role model for girls?

@berlinpolicy I am as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.


@wonderwomanUN That’s a hard act to follow.

@berlinpolicy What would you prefer? That girls aspire to be super models and reality show stars?


@wonderwomanUN Your worst moment in life?

@berlinpolicy When I discovered that my alter ego makes 17 percent less than Clark Kent.


@wonderwomanUN Your best moment?

@berlinpolicy When we realized in the 21st century that bright, serious female superheroes are more necessary than ever.


@wonderwomanUN Your very best moment?

@berlinpolicy When a real woman finally becomes UN Secretary General. There are plenty of them out there who could do a wonderful job.