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Good Europeans? Not Quite


Sahra Wagenknecht, parliamentary leader of the Left Party, was roundly criticized for referring to “antidemocratic” forces in Brussels. But she is by no means the only German politician undermining EU institutions.


© REUTERS/Stefanie Loos

In Germany, one principle has united the established political parties for decades: ever-deeper European integration is in Germanyʼs national interests and should be encouraged. German politicians like to think of themselves as the “good Europeans,” combating excessive nationalism and encouraging closer cooperation and shared economic growth. The bad guys, on the other hand, are right-wing populists in the EU Parliament – the British nationalists leading the charge for Brexit and the nationalist conservative Eastern Europeans in Poland and Hungary – and the left-wing populists in Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, who reject the fundamental rules of the EU and eurozone. …

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