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July/August 2016

The Brexit age divide is a continent-wide phenomenon.

Berlin and Brussels would do well to think deeply about the consequences and finer points of the EU-UK divorce.

Views from Germany, France, and Poland.

How the United Kingdom’s departure will affect its foreign and security policy.

The former Polish prime minister may become the man to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU.

Is Angela Merkel’s coalition partner banking on foreign policy as an election winner?

The EU can help stabilize North Africa and the Middle East. Here’s how.

Lawmakers from the Islamist Ennahda party on turning Tunisia into a democracy.

There is no need to apologizze for the EU’s migration policy, but there’s still room for improvement.

The country of poets and thinkers wants to be seen thinking. It may be sinking.

The decline of social democratic parties is reversible if they find new answers to questions of economic competence and identity politics.

Seven ways that Moscow misunderstand the European Union.

There is little in the way of a common agenda when Berlin takes over the G20 presidency from Beijing.