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European Integration

Preparations for the Conference on the Future of Europe are on hold. But the EU’s need to reconnect with its citizens will be bigger still once the work of Europe’s recovery begins.

The EU‘s foreign and security policy needs to be backed up by shared intelligence. Eventually, the EU should have its own intelligence agency. For …

Pro-Europeans have long avoided a debate on the end goal of EU integration. It’s time for honesty: ever closer cooperation between member states is the only realistic way forward. 

In the summer of 2040, the EU has finally turned into a functioning regional power. It took Russia attacking the Baltics, another euro crisis, and a migrant boom to get there.

Two decades from now, there’s a surprising amount of unity in disunity. The EU has progressed in leaps and bounds, proving to be the world’s most flexible organization.

Little thinking has been done about EU disintegration. In the absence of plausible theories, here are three ways things could go wrong for Europe.

Today’s European Union is profoundly dysfunctional. Power is neither located in Brussels nor the capitals. Let’s look to US history for the way forward.

Europe‘s right-wing populists are shifting away from a total rejection of EU institutions. Instead, they are attempting to harness them to their own ideology, …

Who will have the final say in selecting the next European Commission president?

One year on from the Brexit vote, the EU’s political landscape is profoundly changed.

Both Germany and France will have to show flexibility in the fields they dominate.

In our first transnational debate on European affairs, lawmakers from Italy and the Netherlands talk about what “European solidarity” means.

Günter Verheugen and Elmar Brok on the state of the European Union and the challenges presented by the Trump presidency.

Political uncertainty in Washington makes the necessity of a common European defense more urgent than ever.

What’s next for the European Union?

German politicians undermine the European Union.