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is a Brussels-based reporter with the online news portal, EUobserver.

Ahead of European elections in May, the European People’s Party is facing a major test within its own ranks.

A Green surge in Europe is held back by a lack of representation in eastern and southern EU countries.

Hungary’s populist premier Viktor Orbán not only drinks pálinka, but also uses it as a political tool. The robust brandy brings him closer to …

Hungary’s government has put forward the “Stop Soros” legislation package. The Central European University is in the crosshairs, too.

Euroskeptic parties and illiberal forces are gaining traction among young Europeans.

Viktor Orbán’s victory will embolden other European populists, too.

Hungary’s prime minister is expected to secure a third consecutive term.

Who will have the final say in selecting the next European Commission president?

EU funds for “illiberal” countries come under scrutiny, but there seems little room for manoeuvre.