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SPD members have elected a new leadership: two unknown left-wingers. It is hard to see Angela Merkel’s coalition surviving. On Saturday morning, Chancellor Angela …

Austrian economists are proposing a European Silk Road.

Isabel Schnabel, Germany’s nominee to the ECB board, has a pragmatic approach to monetary and fiscal policy.

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall Bettina Vestring spent two years reporting from the East German city of Dresden.

A television experiment reveals how close Germany’s right-wing AfD has moved to Nazi language.

Huge relief for Germany’s coalition parties: the AfD did not come first in Saxony or Brandenburg.

The White House is threatening to withdraw US troops from Germany. With Donald Trump, this could actually happen.

Despite Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on protestors, politicians in eastern Germany are emphasizing their ties with Russia—and practicing post-communist identity politics.

For the first time in over 50 years, a German has been nominated as President of the European Commission. Yet Ursula von der Leyen’s loudest critics are back home.

Integrating refugees is painfully slow business―even slower than for other groups of migrants. Among Western countries, Germany is actually doing reasonably well. It was …

With the parties in Angela Merkel’s coalition government in deep disarray, change is afoot in Germany.

Germany’s Greens came to be the big winners of the European elections—by cornering the young vote.

Why Germany might end up getting the presidency of the ECB instead of the European Commission.

In Germany, the election campaign for the European Parliament has been particularly uninspiring.

Germany refuses to think strategically about itself, Europe, or the world. This carries a high price.

There’s a reason Berlin is so reticent about responding to the French president’s European reform proposals.