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The man from Hamburg is trim, self-confident, and highly ambitious—and he’s staying tight-lipped about his plans for the German finance ministry. His record as …

Watch out for Andrea Nahles, the SPD’s leader in the Bundestag.

Germany’s prospective government promises EU reform, setting out ambitious goals.

Coalition talks in Berlin have failed, which might mean new elections.

Few East Germans hold key positions in Germany’s institutions.

Reactions in Berlin to the French president’s proposals for EU reform have been muted – for now.

Angela Merkel won the elections, but right-wing populists are spoiling the party.

Polish demands for war reparations from Germany could undermine the post-1945 order.

The European Court of Justice’s ruling on relocating refugees deepens the rift within the EU.

One year on from the Brexit vote, the EU’s political landscape is profoundly changed.

Europe’s future hinges on relations between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Frauke Petry, leader of the Alternative für Deutschland party, has lost out to the radicals.

Germany’s Social Democrats are turning defense spending into an election issue.

What to learn from Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s election as president of Germany.

Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland is moving into neo-Nazi territory.

Don’t read too much into Angela Merkel’s proposal for a burqa ban.