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How long will Angela Merkels fourth and final government last? In Berlin, there’s speculation that her grand coalition could collapse this fall. Klaus Wowereit, …

It’s what all sides always said they want to avoid―the return of checkpoints and fences to the island of Ireland. But whatever Brexiteers claim, …

The experienced politician from one of Germany’s smallest states has often been underestimated–like Angela Merkel.

EU leaders had hoped to make progress on Brexit and migration, but they left the Salzburg summit with little to show for on both fronts.

There’s not much love left between political sisters CDU and CSU.

While the government and Chancellor Angela Merkel are taking their summer break, a debate over military service has dominated Germany’s headlines.

Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) has unveiled new centralized migrant facilities it hopes will expedite the asylum process—and salvage its chances in a looming state poll.

As the German government goes on summer break, many of the country’s most pressing issues have been neglected due to the row over migration. …

The German chancellor staved off a government collapse with an eleventh-hour deal to save her conservative bloc. But Angela Merkel’s power is waning.

Angela Merkel is facing her biggest crisis yet. Her sister party, the Bavarian CSU, is rebelling against her policy on refugees. The chancellor needs …

Germany’s foreign minister delivered a much-anticipated speech on Europe this week. His answer to America first? Europe United.

In her first-ever appearance in a Bundestag question-and-answer session, Angela Merkel didn’t break a sweat.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin seem ready to let bygones be bygones.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting the White House with a bit of baggage.

Will the German chancellor be able to meet the French president at least halfway?

Facebook’s data security policies have long gone unchallenged by European regulators. That might change soon.