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Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin seem ready to let bygones be bygones.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting the White House with a bit of baggage.

Will the German chancellor be able to meet the French president at least halfway?

Facebook’s data security policies have long gone unchallenged by European regulators. That might change soon.

Her fourth government a hard sell, Angela Merkel’s hopeful successors have started eying the top spot.

Germany may be one step closer to building a coalition government, but four months after the election, there’s still a long way to go.

Time is running out on Chancellor Merkel’s last chance to build a stable government.

The German foreign policy community is starting to sound repetitive.

The German election outcome signals a return to less consensual politics – which is no bad thing.

All the political colors, synonyms, and acronyms you need to know when it comes to forming a new German government.

In their one and only public debate Angela Merkel and her challenger Martin Schulz skipped difficult issues.

At Hamburg’s G20 summit Trump’s noisy tweets were surpassed by China’s quiet diplomacy.

Angela Merkel’s “beer tent speech” has been misunderstood.

Merkel has little interest in Macron’s more ambitious EU plans unless Paris gets its house in order.

Angela Merkel’s sharing a platform with Ivanka Trump to discuss the empowerment of women was a clever move.

Running against Angela Merkel in September, Martin Schulz’s policy ideas are as exciting as they are hard to pin down.