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Close Up: Jarosław Kaczyński


He holds no office of state, but the prezes of Polandʼs ruling Law and Justice party is pulling all the strings in the new right-wing, populist government. Will he succeed in leading his country on the illiberal path of neighbor Hungary?


© Artwork: Dominik Herrmann

A relentless quest for power and deeply ingrained personal grievances have colored Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s political profile. An excellent tactician able to change views and allies when it suits him, Kaczynski has strongly imprinted post-Cold War Polish politics despite numerous and severe setbacks. Since 1989 he has dreamt of changing the course of the political and economic transformation of his country – but even more so of finally outmaneuvering his long-standing opponents in order to alone hold the key to Poland’s future. …

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