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The key to energy transition is energy replacement—quitting coal.

The history of hydropower shows that renewables have always had flaws.

The clean energy sources of the future will have their own tricky oversupply problems.

Lower carbon emissions is a rare silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic. Just don’t confuse it for actual good news for the climate.

Should the EU economy run on uranium? Its two biggest countries disagree.

If humans manage to break their addiction to fossil fuels and avoid climate catastrophe, trade patterns will change profoundly. The new geopolitics of energy …

Carbon Critical: The Four Camps of the New Climate Debate

As the 2020s begin, hardly anyone is ignoring or denying climate change anymore. We are all either Carbonists, Lukewarmists, Techno-Mitigators, or Alarmists. The global …

Some sectors could quickly take action to reduce CO2 emissions. But heavy industry has already done much of the easy stuff.

Angela Merkel’s government presented a “climate package” that disappointed.

Sausage-loving Germany is discussing raising taxes on meat. It’s a controversial idea whose time has come.

Carbon Critical: Flight Shaming

Traveling by plane is terrible for the environment. Yet aviation is very difficult to decarbonize. What’s the future of flying in a world of …

A government official’s warning that Jews in traditional dress might not be safe has sparked a new debate about how to protect the community. 

The SPD has to decide how long to remain in government.

The traditional statistics on greenhouse gases don’t capture emissions related to trade, shipping, or international aviation. But that’s not the only reason they’re misleading. …

Europe by Numbers: The Price of Mobility

“Freedom of movement for workers shall be secured within the Union,” says the Treaty of Lisbon. This is a core pillar of the EU’s …

On Brexit, stances are hardening in Berlin and Brussels.