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Beyond the Seas

Notes on new powers and old problems: China, India, the Middle East, and beyond

Europe and Germany are dependent on cooperation with China on global challenges. But Brussels and Berlin need to defend their interests.

Giving a flat “no” to a naval mission to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf does not solve Germany’s dilemmas.

With boycott campaigns, security threats and rocket attacks, this week’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel is proving to be one of the most political in years.

Europe should take a principled stance in response to the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Idlib threatens to be the next big flare-up in Syria’s civil war. Germany can play a decisive role in preventing a tragedy.

A new settlement bill challenges Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ability to control his coalition.

What will happen if Donald Trump moves the US embassy in Israel?

No one expected shale producers to survive extended low oil prices, but they have. The next act could prove even more destabilizing.

China’s recent setback might further escalate the confrontation in the South China Sea.

Digital sovereignty and control of information are central to China’s cyber strategy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to undermine Israel’s democratic institutions.

There are compelling reasons for the EU to use the OSCE to engage China on security issues of joint concern.

As Europe turns its eyes to a revitalized Argentina, both Brussels and Buenos Aires need to foster long-term engagement.

On the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere there’s worry about the influx of Arab refugees to Germany.

London and Beijing are getting closer – at a cost.

Is the Russian-Iranian cooperation in Syria a marriage of convenience or the emergence of an alliance?