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Hans Kundnani
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is a Senior Research Fellow in the Europe programme at Chatham House in London.

The call for greater “European sovereignty” has become very popular of late, but it is far from clear what the term means.

Red Herring & Black Swan: Is the German Question Back?

As the transatlantic relationship frays, thereʼs renewed talk of a return to German dominance in Europe. In fact, US withdrawal could have the opposite effect, as Franceʼs military might become more important.

The use of the word “Schicksalsgemeinschaft” in today’s Germany is puzzling.

Under German leadership solidarity in the EU has become conditional on structural reforms.

Germany is still as a “geo-economic power”.

The crisis in Ukraine has forced the West to reconsider how it defends international law. As tensions in South East Asia grow, can Berlin apply the same lessons to a European Asia policy?