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The rules-based international order is under immense pressure, and ever more people are looking to Germany for answers. That is why Berlin is seeking …

German-Polish relations have been rocky of late, but now Warsaw seems willing to change tack.

Polish demands for war reparations from Germany could undermine the post-1945 order.

Create a digital ministry, get behind the EU’s Digital Single Market project, and start thinking about the military use of AI.

Stick to the Minsk agreement and explain the sanctions policy better at home.

It’s about time Germany starts practicing what it preaches.

What lies behind the US-German spat over new Russian sanctions affecting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project?

Turkey’s relationship with Europe seems to be heading for rock bottom. But there is scope to rebuild ties with Germany and the EU on the economic front.

Why Paris and Berlin should not wait until after the German elections to get going.

The European Union needs to change to survive, and Germany will have to play a key role.

Germany’s Social Democrats are turning defense spending into an election issue.

Things look grim for the European Union, but all is not lost yet.

Angela Merkel, seeking close ties with Warsaw, risks unwittingly furthering Poland’s leap to the right.

The landmark exhibition that wasn’t has dampened German-Iranian relations.

Something very disruptive is going on in the political sphere, warns Simon Hegelich, professor for political data science.

The German government wants to streamline its security services.