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Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and the future of German-American relations.

Iraq has become the first test case for Germany’s ambition to pursue more robust crisis management policies. It’s been a promising start.

Germany awakes to the reality of a Trump presidency.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs a European solution for the refugee crisis more than ever.

German politicians undermine the European Union.

The German-Polish relationship needs a good dose of pragmatism.

Views from Germany, France, and Poland.

There is little in the way of a common agenda when Berlin takes over the G20 presidency from Beijing.

Berlin has awoken to the new reality of a European Union without Britain.

Trying to settle a historical question, Germany’s parliament has provoked new ones.

From Willkommenskultur to German angst – and back?

In Austria, Germany’s political parties catch an awful glimpse of the future.

A furious president, an outdated law, and an unrepentant comedian have caught Germany’s chancellor in a double bind.

The EU’s biggest problem is the disappearance of an equal partner for Germany.

Merkel’s critics at home and abroad are still landing few punches.

On the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere there’s worry about the influx of Arab refugees to Germany.