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Angela Merkel

SPD members have elected a new leadership: two unknown left-wingers. It is hard to see Angela Merkel’s coalition surviving. On Saturday morning, Chancellor Angela …

On her trip to China, Chancellor Angela Merkel did little to distance Berlin from Beijing.

The White House is threatening to withdraw US troops from Germany. With Donald Trump, this could actually happen.

For the first time in over 50 years, a German has been nominated as President of the European Commission. Yet Ursula von der Leyen’s loudest critics are back home.

How long will Angela Merkels fourth and final government last? In Berlin, there’s speculation that her grand coalition could collapse this fall. Klaus Wowereit, …

National leaders were unable to agree this week on who to appoint for any of the EU’s top jobs.

With the parties in Angela Merkel’s coalition government in deep disarray, change is afoot in Germany.

Appointing the EU’s presidents may involve a protracted fight between countries, political groups, and EU institutions.

Germany’s Greens came to be the big winners of the European elections—by cornering the young vote.

Why Germany might end up getting the presidency of the ECB instead of the European Commission.

Angela Merkel has said her government will look at ways to make Germany carbon neutral by 2050. Does this mark the return of the “Climate Chancellor”?

Germany refuses to think strategically about itself, Europe, or the world. This carries a high price.

Tepid on Climate Change

Following years of German inaction, a government commission has drawn up a timetable for phasing out coal. But Angela Merkel’s record on climate has …

Reaffirming the Élysée Treaty of 1963, Macron and Merkel missed a chance to demonstrate their common strength.

With Chancellor Angela Merkel leaving the world of politics by 2021, Germany has a rare opportunity to renew its aging national security structures. It …

On Brexit, stances are hardening in Berlin and Brussels.