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is an American journalist based in Brussels covering European politics for France24.

National leaders were unable to agree this week on who to appoint for any of the EU’s top jobs.

The much-heralded far-right alliance of Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini isn’t much different from the alliance they’ve already had.

Appointing the EU’s presidents may involve a protracted fight between countries, political groups, and EU institutions.

A week of intense talks begins to decide who gets the EU’s top jobs.

With boycott campaigns, security threats and rocket attacks, this week’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel is proving to be one of the most political in years.

Once considered a long shot, Frans Timmermans now has a real chance of becoming the next European Commission president.

With the European Parliament becoming ever more powerful, it’s important to understand how it functions and what impact it has on the lives of EU citizens. What can we expect from the elections?

The 16+1 partnership between Eastern European countries and China became the 17+1 on Friday after Greece joined.

Talk of moral hazard and contagion are back at EU emergency summits. Sound familiar?

By fielding a seven-person team of EU election candidates, Europe’s Liberals have disrupted the Spitzenkandidat system for choosing the next Commission president.

The EU27 have granted the UK an extra two weeks to decide what it wants to do about Brexit.

Will the European Peoples Party finally expel Hungary’s prime minister and his Fidesz party?

A series of dramatic votes in the British Parliament could make this the most significant week in the modern history of the United Kingdom.

A long-anticipated split in the center-right EPP group now seems imminent.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is dead. Now the only way she can avoid a catastrophic no-deal Brexit is to abandon her red lines, or ask for a deadline extension.

In 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker became commission president because the European Parliament pushed him as Spitzenkandidat. But that flawed system may not survive the 2019 …