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Dave Keating
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is an American journalist based in Brussels covering European politics for France24.

Theresa May leaves with coal in her stocking.

The German chancellor indicated to the European Parliament she will push for a shift away from decades of Atlanticist foreign policy.

The October EU summit was supposed to be the last chance for a Brexit deal—until it wasn’t.

The European Parliament’s censure of Viktor Orbán could spark a political realignment that creates the most powerful far-right movement in Europe since 1945.

The CSU politician is bidding to unite Angela Merkel’s center-right and Viktor Orbán’s hard-right strands of conservatism.

According to insiders, Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of NATO at a testy Brussels summit. The alliance is on shakier ground than ever before.

The US-Europe partnership living in a powder keg, and many fear that at the NATO summit in Brussels next week, Donald Trump will light a match.

Both Facebook and the European Parliament came out looking bad during Mark Zuckerberg’s shambolic hearing.

Political, ethnic, and cultural tensions have taken center stage this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Ever since Swedish band ABBA won in 1974, English has ruled supreme at the European Song Contest. This time might be different.

The “dieselgate” air pollution scandal leaves Berlin with fewer and fewer good options.

After a disastrous day in Brussels, Theresa May has three options.

Theresa May is caught between plotters at home and doubters in Europe.

Theresa May’s new plan would only grant the United Kingdom pseudo-independence.

The European Union is swooping in to claim the free trade spoils abandoned by London and Washington.

While Angela Merkel will likely win the forthcoming election, voters will choose her dance partner(s).