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Dave Keating
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is an American journalist based in Brussels covering European politics for France24.

It’s about time Germany starts practicing what it preaches.

The UK and the US are taking their time leaving the EU and the Paris climate accords respectively.

The format’s survival is not worth caving in to Donald Trump’s bullying.

After the UK election, the country’s position is as unclear as the future of the prime minister.

Trump’s European tour and Merkel’s beer tent rally have left leaders facing uncharted territory.

Impeachment speculation is terrifying European NATO allies.

British media have painted the EU chief Brexit negotiator as an inflexible ideologue. It’s a caricature few in Brussels recognize.

Rivalries at the Eurovision Song Contest have reached new heights.

For Theresa May the UK snap election comes with little political risk, and potentially significant rewards.

With just ten days until the French election, firebrand Mélenchon has shaken up the race.

Threatening war against Spain over the future of Gibraltar, the Brexiteers’ inflated self-regard has seeped into the military sphere.

As the Brexit process begins the British government finds it has few friends left.

The London attack should not terrify us.

Russia has gotten the upper hand in the Eurovision propaganda war.

The Brexit vote was supposed to reestablish parliamentary sovereignty. It has done the opposite.

If Macron is Europe’s savior, does that make him Britain’s nightmare?