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May, 2019

Fridays for Future activist LUISA NEUBAUER about what’s next for the climate protection movement. 

Appointing the EU’s presidents may involve a protracted fight between countries, political groups, and EU institutions.

Germany’s Greens came to be the big winners of the European elections—by cornering the young vote.

A week of intense talks begins to decide who gets the EU’s top jobs.

Faced with threats to its cultural identity, the EU needs to respond, including by cultural diplomacy.

Why Germany might end up getting the presidency of the ECB instead of the European Commission.

In the run-up to the European elections, US President Donald Trump shows where his sympathies lie.

In Serbia, Beijing is building infrastructure and operating steel works—and seems genuinely welcome.

Angela Merkel has said her government will look at ways to make Germany carbon neutral by 2050. Does this mark the return of the “Climate Chancellor”?

With boycott campaigns, security threats and rocket attacks, this week’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel is proving to be one of the most political in years.

In Germany, the election campaign for the European Parliament has been particularly uninspiring.

It is too easy for individual member-states to block EU sanctions and or diplomatic statements. Extending majority voting to foreign policy would encourage greater unity. 

Once considered a long shot, Frans Timmermans now has a real chance of becoming the next European Commission president.

Marine Le Pen risks being sidelined—at home and in Europe.