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February, 2019

Tepid on Climate Change

Following years of German inaction, a government commission has drawn up a timetable for phasing out coal. But Angela Merkel’s record on climate has …

Close-Up: Robert Habeck

In a political landscape beset by fragmentation, Germanyʼs Greens are going from strength to strength. Their party leaderʼs instinctive ability to reach new voters …

The Last Battle

In a desperate bid to win back voters, Germany’s SPD is shifting to the left. It may be the party’s last chance to turn …

The Huawei Conundrum

Can Berlin find the courage to ban the world’s biggest telecoms equipment provider from its 5G network? Fear of Chinese espionage must be weighed …

All Hands on Deck

Concerns about fragmentation shape Berlin’s understanding of the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy. That carries risks, especially with Brexit approaching. Germany, along with …

Enough Babble

Talking about “greater responsibility” has seriously  damaged Germany’s foreign policy debate. Time to ditch it. Policies are about interests. In May 2010, German President …

The Unready Hegemon

German foreign and security policy is not prepared for the new era of great power competition. To stand up for its convictions and values, …

Europe by Numbers: The Price of Mobility

“Freedom of movement for workers shall be secured within the Union,” says the Treaty of Lisbon. This is a core pillar of the EU’s …

A long-anticipated split in the center-right EPP group now seems imminent.

With Nord Stream 2, Berlin is supporting a project that will hurt its credibility.

On the eve of the Munich Security Conference, the CDU’s new leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer talks foreign policy with BERLIN POLICY JOURANAL.

The Irish Government is engaging in an ambitious expansion of its representation abroad. Just don’t mention Brexit. 

Helping companies battling US and Chinese competition, there are better ways for the EU than abandoning merger control.

Freedom of navigation is a vital European interest, even in areas where China claims special rights.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying on the need for cooperation amid great power conflict.

Former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov warns against destroying the current world order before thinking about what could replace it.