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Viktor Orban

The nations of Eastern Europe all have their own versions of populist politics.

The German defence minister has squeaked through by just nine votes. But it is the EU institutions, and not Von der Leyen, who are to blame.

Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister is the poster boy of Europe’s right-wing populists.

After years of sheltering Hungary’s illiberal prime minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling Fidesz party, the EU’s most powerful political family has suspended the …

Will the European Peoples Party finally expel Hungary’s prime minister and his Fidesz party?

A long-anticipated split in the center-right EPP group now seems imminent.

Strong support for central and eastern European leaders will impact the European elections.

Ahead of European elections in May, the European People’s Party is facing a major test within its own ranks.

The European Parliament’s censure of Viktor Orbán could spark a political realignment that creates the most powerful far-right movement in Europe since 1945.

Hungary’s populist premier Viktor Orbán not only drinks pálinka, but also uses it as a political tool. The robust brandy brings him closer to …

Hungary’s government has put forward the “Stop Soros” legislation package. The Central European University is in the crosshairs, too.

Viktor Orbán’s victory isn’t as clear-cut as it may seem.

Viktor Orbán’s victory will embolden other European populists, too.

Hungary’s prime minister is expected to secure a third consecutive term.

There’s been talk recently about Romania’s relationship with the Visegrád Group. Don’t expect it to become a member soon.

Budapest and Warsaw are undermining the EU’s values, but Brussels’ kid gloves are only making them bolder.