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According to insiders, Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of NATO at a testy Brussels summit. The alliance is on shakier ground than ever before.

The US-Europe partnership living in a powder keg, and many fear that at the NATO summit in Brussels next week, Donald Trump will light a match.

No question about it: transatlantic relations are going through a rough patch. But as the German ambassador to NATO writes, the alliance is strong …

The 1967 Harmel Report is as relevant as ever for NATO’s strategic thinking.

Impeachment speculation is terrifying European NATO allies.

Germany’s Social Democrats are turning defense spending into an election issue.

NATO isn’t “obsolete;” its relevance is unchanged.

New dialogue on military affairs and armament can help rebuild security in East-West relations.

Why the “old continent” will miss Barack Obama.

Changing the dynamic between NATO and Russia will be essential to preserving European security.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to question the worth of the transatlantic alliance, but the critics miss what it achieves for the United States.

The Warsaw summit re-affirms the role of nuclear deterrence in the alliance.

A few ideas NATO might want to consider when it holds its Warsaw summit in July.

After forteen years of a mostly fruitless war, and with the conflict still unresolved, the NATO coalition members have had different takeaways from the attempt at nation-building in the Hindu Kush.

Don’t fall for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear grandstanding: economically, he has his back to the wall. The deployment of US troops and heavy weapons in Eastern Europe would only play into his hands.

NATO’s Secretary General on expecting the unexpected and how to relax in snow-deprived Brussels.