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is Head of Energy Security Section at the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division.
Red Herring & Black Swan: Ground Control to Ivory Tower

Academics often complain about being ignored by decision-makers. Yet people in power are neither uninterested nor uneducated. It’s the academic way of writing and …

Assertive rhetoric about European security autonomy rings hollow.

Changing the dynamic between NATO and Russia will be essential to preserving European security.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to question the worth of the transatlantic alliance, but the critics miss what it achieves for the United States.

The Warsaw summit re-affirms the role of nuclear deterrence in the alliance.

German military and security policy still suffers from serious constraints.

A refresher course for what the West will need to do to re-establish a deterrence regime.

“Nuclear disarmament” has always sounded better in theory than in practice. With more countries flexing their nuclear muscle – especially Russia – a more realistic strategy to manage nuclear arms is necessary. The West must fundamentally re-think means and ends.