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Vladimir Putin

The Kremlin was quick to send military medical aid to Italy, Serbia, and the United States. The aim: getting sanctions lifted.

Putin’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has produced a paradox: instead of using the pandemic to further strengthen his personalized power, Russia’s president has refused to take tough measures.

Russia has deliberately expanded its relationships with African countries in recent years.

All wealth in Russia is first generation—and that generation is getting old. How can the regime ensure continuity for the future? The Kremlin has …

Emmanuel Macron has turned to an old strategy: leveraging France’s budding rapprochement with Moscow.

Russia’s president has played a weak hand quite cleverly on the global stage, says Russia expert Angela Stent.

Trump’s provocations and bullying grab the headlines. But there are also structural factors causing transatlantic tension.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin seem ready to let bygones be bygones.

It’s long been clear who will win Russia’s presidential election. But the campaign is laying bare the flaws within the system Vladimir Putin has …

Russian foreign policy may seem to follow a clear strategy to restore the country’s position as a global superpower. In reality, it is merely …

The Russian government is using “reconciliation” to avoid real discussion of the past.

The West should be careful not to make Vladimir Putin’s Russia stronger than it is.

Russia’s president is more a product of the Russian political landscape than its architect.

President-elect Trump’s relationship with Putin is likely to run into obstacles.

It might seem like Russians stand firmly behind their president. Not so, says opposition leader Ilya Yashin. But the opposition has trouble making itself heard.

Political journalism’s love affair with a newly minted word must end now.