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Vladislav Inozemtsev
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is director of the Moscow-based Center for Post-Industrial Studies and a Senior Research Fellow (2017-18) at the Polish Institute of Advanced Studies in Warsaw.

Thirty years have passed since Francis Fukuyama wrote about “The End of History.” In politics, he was soon proven wrong. In economics, it took …

Russian foreign policy may seem to follow a clear strategy to restore the country’s position as a global superpower. In reality, it is merely …

Russia’s president is more a product of the Russian political landscape than its architect.

The EU should maintain – and strengthen – sanctions on Russia.

When “polite people” do impolite things, they can redraw the map of Europe. After facilitating the annexation of Crimea, Russia’s “gentlemen soldiers” have become a national meme.

Today Russia fights not against real fascists in Germany, but against imaginary ones in Ukraine. Given this, it might make sense to radically shift the focus of the holiday.