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“Putin and Xi Want  to Split Apart Allies”

Germany needs to take the twin threats of Russia and China more seriously, argues Republican Senator TOM COTTON, a member of the US Senate …

The White House is threatening to withdraw US troops from Germany. With Donald Trump, this could actually happen.

In the run-up to the European elections, US President Donald Trump shows where his sympathies lie.

Europe has to figure out the means to an independent foreign policy and stand up to the US president on certain issues, says Barack …

The Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces has helped protect American and European security for 30 years. President Trump’s decision to ditch it was rash. …

Imagining US foreign policy beyond 2020 means learning from past mistakes. While new narratives are taking hold, politicians on the American left and right …

The reelection of Donald Trump is not only possible, it is likely. So far at least, there’s no convincing answer to the question: Who …

Trump’s provocations and bullying grab the headlines. But there are also structural factors causing transatlantic tension.

According to insiders, Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of NATO at a testy Brussels summit. The alliance is on shakier ground than ever before.

The US-Europe partnership living in a powder keg, and many fear that at the NATO summit in Brussels next week, Donald Trump will light a match.

US President Donald Trump has no time for the EU or Angela Merkel. That’s one reason she’s finally talking about EU reform.

France and Germany urgently need to forge a common strategy to deal with US trade conflicts.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting the White House with a bit of baggage.

The US has given up its global leadership role: the consequences for 2018.

America‘s left and right have embraced Scandinavia. Neither is quite right.

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stand for conflicting conceptions of the West.