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Despite a shambolic handling of the coronavirus crisis, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has largely maintained his popularity.

The COVID-19-induced economic carnage provides Boris Johnson with a cover for a hard Brexit. 

Negotiating the future relationship with Britain is going to be difficult for the EU. Time pressure is acute, interests diverge, and the UK’s Brexiteers …

The economist MARTIN WOLF thinks Europe has no chance of gaining real strategic autonomy.

An EU free from British membership will mean new challenges, but also new opportunities.

Europe by Numbers: A Very British Election

By winning 365 of the 650 parliamentary seats, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have changed Britain’s political landscape for the next five years, possibly for the …

Brexit won’t be “done” any time soon, neither for the UK nor for the EU.

Known as a tough negotiator, the EU’s future trade commissioner is used to being unpopular.

So far, Britain and the EU have only talked about exit modalities. Negotiating their future relationship will be even more difficult.

On November 1, the UK was supposed to have left the EU, and Ursula von der Leyen was supposed to start her job as Commission President. Neither will happen.

Boris Johnson has traded a hypothetical, temporary, all-UK backstop for a certain, permanent one for Northern Ireland only. Meanwhile, France is blocking accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania. 

Boris Johnson appears to have painted the United Kingdom—and himself—into a corner. A no-deal Brexit and an election loom.

As Brexit looms, Scotland’s first minister may have another opportunity to make the case for leaving the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson may be the best candidate to avert a no-deal Brexit.

Talk of moral hazard and contagion are back at EU emergency summits. Sound familiar?

Can Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn agree on a compromise to break the parliamentary deadlock? Unlikely.