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Theresa May performs a reversal.

With the United Kingdom running ever more adrift, some are turning the spotlight on Switzerland and its relationship with the EU.

What links Donald Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, and support for Marine Le Pen’s Front National?

It began life as a variant of Grexit. Fours years on and a referendum later, the term is still devoid of meaning.

The British High Court ruling in support of parliamentary sovereignty is giving Theresa May’s government a headache or two.

The CETA debacle points to a hard Brexit.

Brexit will require Angela Merkel’s trickiest balancing act yet.

The Brexit age divide is a continent-wide phenomenon.

Berlin and Brussels would do well to think deeply about the consequences and finer points of the EU-UK divorce.

Views from Germany, France, and Poland.

How the United Kingdom’s departure will affect its foreign and security policy.

The former Polish prime minister may become the man to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU.

Berlin has awoken to the new reality of a European Union without Britain.

European attitudes on Brexit and refugees.

If David Cameron manages to avoid a Brexit, the United Kingdom could play a constructive role in Europe again.