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Eye on Europe

Views and insights from around the “old continent” and the European Union’s engine room in Brussels

Viktor Orbán’s victory will embolden other European populists, too.

Hungary’s prime minister is expected to secure a third consecutive term.

Facebook’s data security policies have long gone unchallenged by European regulators. That might change soon.

Yanis Varoufakis, Europe’s most-hated and most-loved former finance minister, is trying a comeback in Greek politics.

A political murder has triggered upheaval in Slovakia.

More than 50 percent of Italian voters cast their ballots for populist parties. But with no clear majority, Italy is stuck in limbo.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte mocks “visionary” leadership, but without a long-term plan his country might be reduced to a supporting role in Europe.

Italy is barreling toward a crucial national election where everything appears possible.

Who will have the final say in selecting the next European Commission president?

German-Polish relations have been rocky of late, but now Warsaw seems willing to change tack.

EU funds for “illiberal” countries come under scrutiny, but there seems little room for manoeuvre.

Greece’s already embattled government stumbles into fresh controversy.

After a disastrous day in Brussels, Theresa May has three options.

There’s been talk recently about Romania’s relationship with the Visegrád Group. Don’t expect it to become a member soon.

Brexit provides an opportunity for the EU to forge a new Africa strategy at the African Union-European Union summit in Côte d’Ivoire.

Theresa May is caught between plotters at home and doubters in Europe.