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is a Milan-based journalist writing for Il Foglio magazine and other Italian and German media.

But the road to an Italexit would be a twisted one.

Italy’s government is unsettling its partners with its latest provocations. But the country’s Euroskepticism has a longer tradition than many realize.

In Italy’s election campaign, political confrontation has given way to a mudslinging contest. Beppe Grillo, the founder of the populist Five Star Movement, has …

Matteo Renzi has returned quickly to frontline politics in Italy.

Italy is heading to the polls to vote on constitutional reform on December 4 – and the EU will be watching closely if yet another member descends into political chaos.

The Italian government has put together a contingency plan to address a possible new wave of refugees coming from the South.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has long advocated a dramatic break from the country’s political past. Such straightforwardness, however, does not suit most politicians – especially the cerchiobottisti, who make much ado but do not do much.