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Bercow Bombshell Creates Even More Brexit Drama


Britain has descended into constitutional chaos as the Speaker blocks another vote on May’s twice-defeated deal. 


Who is writing the script for Brexit? Because this drama seems to have no end in sight. No sooner had we journalists written our pieces about what to expect this week than we had to consign them to the bin. The story moved from when would British Prime Minister Theresa May bring her twice rejected Brexit deal back to Parliament to wondering whether she could legally bring it back at all.

The latest twist in this never-ending saga centers around the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. He is in effect the chief official in Parliament and therefore oversees procedure. He also has a habit of causing political upset to one side of the House or the other. His latest ruling can only be described as a bombshell and draws on parliamentary convention dating back to 1604.

Unless the proposition for passing May’s twice-defeated Withdrawal Agreement is “substantially” changed, Bercow has said she cannot present it again to Parliament. So, all the talk about whether she may finally have won over the hardcore Brexiteers in her own party or even those awkward 10 Northern Irish DUP MPs who prop up her government in Westminster, appears to be irrelev