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Boris Johnson appears to have painted the United Kingdom—and himself—into a corner. A no-deal Brexit and an election loom.

Her entire political life has been centered on Scottish independence. As Brexit looms, Scotland’s first minister may have another opportunity to make the case …

The EU27 have granted the UK an extra two weeks to decide what it wants to do about Brexit.

Britain descends into constitutional chaos as the Speaker blocks another vote on May’s twice-defeated deal. 

With British politics disintegration, a Brexit delay is becoming more likely.

The UK and the US are taking their time leaving the EU and the Paris climate accords respectively.

For Theresa May the UK snap election comes with little political risk, and potentially significant rewards.

Threatening war against Spain over the future of Gibraltar, the Brexiteers’ inflated self-regard has seeped into the military sphere.

Theresa May has unwisely hitched her wagon to the new US president.

Theresa May performs a reversal.

With the United Kingdom running ever more adrift, some are turning the spotlight on Switzerland and its relationship with the EU.

It began life as a variant of Grexit. Fours years on and a referendum later, the term is still devoid of meaning.

David Cameron’s EU deal is more than it seems.

If David Cameron manages to avoid a Brexit, the United Kingdom could play a constructive role in Europe again.

London and Beijing are getting closer – at a cost.