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Eye on Europe

Views and insights from around the “old continent” and the European Union’s engine room in Brussels

EU funds for “illiberal” countries come under scrutiny, but there seems little room for manoeuvre.

Greece’s already embattled government stumbles into fresh controversy.

After a disastrous day in Brussels, Theresa May has three options.

There’s been talk recently about Romania’s relationship with the Visegrád Group. Don’t expect it to become a member soon.

Brexit provides an opportunity for the EU to forge a new Africa strategy at the African Union-European Union summit in Côte d’Ivoire.

Theresa May is caught between plotters at home and doubters in Europe.

Reactions in Berlin to the French president’s proposals for EU reform have been muted – for now.

Tensions are running high in Spain before the independence vote.

Theresa May’s new plan would only grant the United Kingdom pseudo-independence.

Polish demands for war reparations from Germany could undermine the post-1945 order.

The European Union is swooping in to claim the free trade spoils abandoned by London and Washington.

The European Court of Justice’s ruling on relocating refugees deepens the rift within the EU.

What the French president’s recent visit to Central and Eastern Europe reveals about his EU reform agenda.

It’s about time Germany starts practicing what it preaches.

The UK and the US are taking their time leaving the EU and the Paris climate accords respectively.

Forming a new government out of the Netherlands’ fractious parties is proving nearly impossible.