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Gerhard Schroeder’s chancellorship shapes SPD foreign policy thinking to this day―and that is a good thing.

The SPD has to decide how long to remain in government.

With his Saarland background Germany’s new foreign minister Heiko Maas will bring a much-needed Franco-German instinct to the table.

Watch out for Andrea Nahles, the SPD’s leader in the Bundestag.

Time is running out on Chancellor Merkel’s last chance to build a stable government.

Running against Angela Merkel in September, Martin Schulz’s policy ideas are as exciting as they are hard to pin down.

Germany’s Social Democrats are turning defense spending into an election issue.

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel throws in the towel, leaving the campaign against Angela Merkel to former EU Parliament president Martin Schulz.

Europe’s social democrats, the SPD in particular, need the courage of their convictions.

The decline of social democratic parties is reversible if they find new answers to questions of economic competence and identity politics.

The SPD, Germany’s oldest party traditionally fighting for social justice, is in a bind.