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German Foreign Policy

Germany is facing a new nexus of foreign and domestic politics.

Today’s global frontlines do not run between East and West, but within states – between internationalists and nationalists.

Reform education by halving class sizes, cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, and be honest about strategic realities.

Which foreign policy tasks are topping Germany’s to-do list?

Germany needs to want more – and have a strategy to go with it.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is right, the old times are over. Here’s what a new German foreign policy could look like.

How much co-determination can Germany’s foreign policy take?

Berlin and Brussels would do well to think deeply about the consequences and finer points of the EU-UK divorce.

Is Angela Merkel’s coalition partner banking on foreign policy as an election winner?

The country of poets and thinkers wants to be seen thinking. It may be sinking.

Germany is still as a “geo-economic power”.

Angela Merkel’s fight to keep the EU united.

Merkel’s critics at home and abroad are still landing few punches.

German military and security policy still suffers from serious constraints.

Two approaches to policymaking are currently competing: one prefers to smash problems as they arise, while the other would rather disentangle them. Which one makes sense, and when?

After ten years in office, the German Chancellor at last surprises our columnist.