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German Foreign Policy

Trends in German public opinion point to a weakening commitment to both European integration and the transatlantic alliance.

Germany’s policy of West-orientation has been fading under Angela Merkel, but it might soon see a revival.

Caught in the Headlights

There have been multiple shocks since 2014: Russia’s war against Ukraine, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron’s bold initiatives. Berlin’s only answer …

No other challenge facing German politics and industry is harder to discuss frankly than how to handle China. Why?

The German government’s three new prevention strategies set high conceptual standards, but they need more focus.

Germany and France will officially launch an Alliance for Multilateralism at the United Nations General Assembly. They should consider three policy issues that will make or break the Alliance.

Giving a flat “no” to a naval mission to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf does not solve Germany’s dilemmas.

Germany refuses to think strategically about itself, Europe, or the world. This carries a high price.

If the EU is to be a global player and not a plaything, Germany must make crucial improvements to its European policy. Traditionally, German …

Well Advised? Hardly

Foreign affairs experts are facing a crisis. The problem is particularly pronounced in Berlin, where advisers and analysts are staring at the ruins of …

The Huawei Conundrum

Can Berlin find the courage to ban the world’s biggest telecoms equipment provider from its 5G network? Fear of Chinese espionage must be weighed …

All Hands on Deck

Concerns about fragmentation shape Berlin’s understanding of the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy. That carries risks, especially with Brexit approaching. Germany, along with …

Enough Babble

Talking about “greater responsibility” has seriously  damaged Germany’s foreign policy debate. Time to ditch it. Policies are about interests. In May 2010, German President …

The Unready Hegemon

German foreign and security policy is not prepared for the new era of great power competition. To stand up for its convictions and values, …

On the eve of the Munich Security Conference, the CDU’s new leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer talks foreign policy with BERLIN POLICY JOURANAL.

For years, Germany has pursued an ambivalent, but lucrative China policy. These times seem to be over.