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Germany’s record on foreign missions has been mixed. The Bundeswehr has rarely been able to fulfill the government’s political aims, but militarily, the armed …

At a time when its armed forces are massively over-burdened, Paris is greatly reliant on its partners. But Germany is not ready to play …

The best way for Germany to lead the future defense of Europe is to bring all Europeans together, the United Kingdom included. But real …

As foreign secretary and secretary for exiting the European Union, Jeremy Hunt and Dominic Raab have taken up keys posts in the British government. …

There’s not much love left between political sisters CDU and CSU.

How a European refugee and migration policy could look.

Turkey’s economic woes have huge consequences for Europe. It’s time Berlin steps in.

The United States’ military isn’t the only one with drones.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is suggesting a new world order.

While the government and Chancellor Angela Merkel are taking their summer break, a debate over military service has dominated Germany’s headlines.

Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) has unveiled new centralized migrant facilities it hopes will expedite the asylum process—and salvage its chances in a looming state poll.

Trump’s provocations and bullying grab the headlines. But there are also structural factors causing transatlantic tension.

Washington’s trade war with China continues to escalate. The tit-for-tat row has forced Washington’s traditional partners to seek new alliances, says GIGA president Amrita Narlikar.

According to insiders, Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of NATO at a testy Brussels summit. The alliance is on shakier ground than ever before.

As the German government goes on summer break, many of the country’s most pressing issues have been neglected due to the row over migration. …

The US-Europe partnership living in a powder keg, and many fear that at the NATO summit in Brussels next week, Donald Trump will light a match.