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June, 2018

Red Herring & Black Swan: The Other Pivot to Asia

When European countries joined the Beijing-led Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank against the White House’s wishes in 2015, they foreshadowed today‘s transatlantic trade rupture. …

Idlib threatens to be the next big flare-up in Syria’s civil war. Germany can play a decisive role in preventing a tragedy.

The German chancellor has great tactical skills. But that’s not enough anymore to fend off populism and move Europe forward.

Recent agreement in a long-running naming dispute between Greece and Macedonia has been hailed as a breakthrough. But nomenclature aside, not all is well in the Balkans.

Three years after the peak of the refugee crisis, a simmering conflict over migration policy with Angela Merkel’s Bavarian sister party has turned into open warfare.

Germany’s foreign minister delivered a much-anticipated speech on Europe this week. His answer to America first? Europe United.

Italy’s new government will confront the EU, but fears about a euro exit are overblown. The EU needs to work with Rome to keep …

Spain’s new government is facing a host of challenges.

In her first-ever appearance in a Bundestag question-and-answer session, Angela Merkel didn’t break a sweat.

There is a lot to unpack from the German chancellor’s recent interview.

The EU might have the tools to save the Iranian nuclear deal, but it will have to face off against Washington.

US President Donald Trump has no time for the EU or Angela Merkel. That’s one reason she’s finally talking about EU reform.