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The European Court of Justice’s ruling on relocating refugees deepens the rift within the EU.

The EU-Turkey agreement has stopped the flow of refugees, but solved little.

How to make the EU-Turkey agreement stick – and apply its lesson to African migrants taking the perilous sea-route to Italy.

A pop-up “Damascus Goethe Institute in Exile” is fostering exchanges in Berlin.

Germans mark 26 years together in a poisoned mood over migration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs a European solution for the refugee crisis more than ever.

Germans are becoming impatient with the way Chancellor Angela Merkel is approaching the refugee crisis.

Who is handling the European refugee crisis well?

Germany, along with the rest of the world, seems surprised by the principled stance Angela Merkel has taken in the refugee crisis. Looking over her record, however, the German Chancellor has never shied from putting her values on the line.

The refugee crisis in Europe is a modern tragedy playing out in three acts: the problem has been introduced, and now the main characters are locked in confrontation. But the conclusion remains uncertain.

The refugees entering the EU are changing the countries that accept them – and those that do not. One of the Eastern European refuseniks, Poland, has been forced to confront uncomfortable questions.

France’s President François Hollande is being criticized for not shielding the French from Germany’s “irresponsible” refugee policy. In fact, France does little to alleviate the crisis.

After the Germans initially greeted refugees with euphoria, one old phenotype of German political discourse has returned, en masse: the “bearer of reservations.”

The current wave of immigration presents a huge opportunity for Europe.

One year on and against the backdrop of a worsening refugee crisis, the self-appointed “defenders of the Occident“ have radicalized.

Even though rarely discussed, climate change is one factor exacerbating the present refugee crisis engulfing Europe.